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h7.VA06 – Sales Order Monitor
This is a newer transaction that is a version of VA05 with more versatile selection criterial and viewing options. Users can drill to view or edit associated orders, view customer master records, or create a new order with reference those on this report.
This report is unique in that it displays both header level and item level data in a split screen format.

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Change/Display Order




  1. On the screen "Sales Order Monitor" enter selection criteria (See screen shots on Next Page).

Note: In addition to Sales Area and other organizational functions, you can limit your selection to orders at a specific status. You'll find the most useful selection criteria under the "Sales Order Data" Tab and the "Organizational Data" Tab.

  1. Select execute . A list of orders matching the selection criteria will be returned.
  • The list of orders is split into two windows, the top window being a list of orders matching the selection criteria, the bottom window being the line items on the selected order.
  • To change view in the bottom window to a new order, simply double click on a new order line in the top window.
  • Traffic light indicators are used to display various statuses of on the order.

  1. To branch to a speciffic order in display mode, highlight the order line in the top window and click . To edit the order click .